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Medicine & Supplies Depot , Stratford, ON Canada
Contact: Jean Aitcheson <>

Surplus and recycled medications and health care supplies are gathered by Rotarians and friends in a small warehouse where they organize and inventory items weekly.  Left over or near-expiry items are gathered from hospitals, pharmacies, doctors or those who have passed away with remaining supplies.   

The depot supports humanitarian aid projects and medical mission trips by providing needed medicines and supplies.  If you are within driving distance and travelling abroad, they can supply needed items for you to take and share with clinics to help others. 

This depot supports and helps to coordinate a network of Doctors, Dentists and Nursing volunteers who travel abroad to bring much needed health care services to unfortunate indigenous people.

MESA - Medical Equipment Shipped Abroad, Findlay, OH USA
Contact: Bob Ruehl Gary Davis

MESA maintains a warehouse in Findlay, Ohio to collect, organize and distribute donated items around the world.  This District 6600 project welcomes surplus medical furniture, fixtures, equipment and related items that can be recycled and used to help those in less fortunate situations.
Rotarians sort and send items abroad in container shipments each month.  Available items often include: beds, chairs, examination tables, wheel chairs, surgery equipment and lighting, X-ray units, intravenous pumps/poles, testing and sterilization units, scrubs and sometimes training items like computers or sewing machines, etc. 

The supply of items changes weekly and volunteers are needed to help sort and inventory items.  MESA will ship containers upon request but due to limited resources it is difficult for them to customize shipments. 

Donations are also appreciated to help cover the shipping costs.  For Rotarians working on health projects and within driving distance, the MESA team are always happy to have you visit.  Best to arrange a convenient time in advance.

Rotary World Help Network, Vancouver
, BC Canada
Contact:  Wayne Crossen

The Rotary World Help Network is a co-operative effort of 38 Rotary Clubs in District 5040 and District 5050 surrounding the area of Vancouver, BC.  
Rotary World Help (RWH) is an all volunteer registered non-profit society with no payroll and extremely low administration expenses.

It gathers, sorts, records, and ships in 20' or 40' containers medical, dental, optical, educational, sports and disaster relief goods to third world countries where people are in need.

Our only criteria for aid is need. All costs are raised by Rotary clubs directly and indirectly and all goods are normally shipped Rotary Club to Rotary Club to ensure the beneficiaries of the aid receive the goods.

Rotary METS - Medical Equipment Transport Service
, Savanah, GA USA
Contacts: Savannah Club 912-629-2908, Savannah East Club 912-236-3712

Rotary District 6920 Medical Equipment Transport Services (METS) project receives donated medical equipment and supplies, and ships them in 40-foot containers from Georgia USA to non-profit clinics and hospitals in developing nations.

MediSend International
, Dallas, TX

MediSend International is a global leader and innovator in transforming healthcare systems in developing countries.  Its programs are specifically designed to meet the needs and challenges of developing country hospitals, and include:
    - certified training and education in biomedical equipment technology
    - test and repair laboratories
    - technical support
    - the distribution of medical supplies and biomedical equipment

MediSend is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a Global Education Center and distribution facility are located in the Elisabeth Dahan Humanitarian Center in Dallas, Texas. 

With the help of Rotary volunteers and other strategic partners such as manufacturers, distributors and hospital systems that donate medical supplies and equipment, MediSend provides shipments of medical aid to qualified hospitals in developing countries.  As available, containers are loaded with the requested type of medical items required.