The district Rotaract representative is a Rotaractor who co-chairs the district Rotaract committee and is the liaison between the Rotaract clubs and the district. As an experienced Rotaractor, you are familiar with the mission of Rotary. You serve as an ambassador for the Rotaract program, a conduit of information between fellow members and Rotarians, and a leader and resource for club officers in your district.
As district Rotaract representative, you also:
  • Represent all Rotaractors in the district
  • Communicate with the Rotary district governor and district Rotaract committee chair
  • Co-chair the district Rotaract committee
  • Bring clubs together for service and fellowship
  • Promote Rotaract to Rotary clubs and to the community
In addition to these duties, RI policy outlines these tasks for district Rotaract representatives:
  1. Develop and distribute a district Rotaract newsletter
  2. Plan, arrange, and hold a district Rotaract conference
  3. Encourage Rotaractors to participate in the Rotary district conference
  4. Conduct Rotaract promotion and extension activities
  5. Provide guidance to Rotaract clubs to carry out successful projects
  6. Coordinate joint Rotary-Rotaract activities in the district
  7. Orchestrate public relations activities at the district level
  8. Organize a training session for Rotaract club officers in the district
For more information, read through the District Rotaract Representative Handbook