Greetings Rotary Leaders and Friends:
Many of you have heard about and asked for information on our D7080 All-Star Team results and the STAR Leadership Concept we used during 2005-06. To make this information available and convenient for you to obtain we have placed it on this web page as downloadable files on the left. Here's a report on how it worked.

Be a Star!
This year, Governor Doug introduced a leadership concept based a STAR and the statement that Successful Teamwork Achieves Results. Tied to the 'star theme' was our Rotary Roundup conference. The leadership team created a Posse of district volunteers, with the sale of special collectible "Posse Badges" to help fund conference expenses and the program provided resources and many ideas focused on our goals.

To Presidents and District Leaders, the star was much more than a symbol; it was a planning tool. Early on, Governor Doug encouraged every club, Area Governor and District Committee to pinpoint five goals to work on during their year. These were gathered and used to define the overall district goals, with each one placed at a point on the star. During club visits DG Doug had a huge gold star, customized for each club's goals. His visits were very successful and met with enthusiasm because he talked from the club's perspective rather than District or RI.

Having five goals for each club, area and district committee allowed something of interest for everyone. The plan gave leadership and members points of reference, in order to ensure they were heading towards and meeting their goals. With clubs having their own star, own goals and action plans, they retained the power that is Rotary. This visible plan also helped district leaders focus assistance to each club according to its five-point plan for success - it helped us all achieve our goals and gave everyone a unique voice in the process.

DG Doug believes that Rotary works on an inverted pyramid model, where the member is at the top of the organization as the most important "key" to develop and make Rotary's many programs effective.

Under this are the District and RI Officers. Since individual members and clubs are the two elements within Rotary that truly hold the power of the organization, it was fitting they should establish their own focus and goals, with help and a common vision from Rotary International and the district. Then RI and district leadership provided resources and assistance to help clubs reach their goals.

This year we had a great All-Star Team, assisting, inspiring and acting as coaches to help and ensure we all travelled in the same general direction. Together, we truly did
Polish our Stars and Made them Shine!