Rotary is a vast, complex, international, voluntary organization with multiple programs and services that provide humanitarian support and promote world peace in our own neighbourhoods, across our country and around the globe. 
  • The greater knowledge and understanding Rotarians have of the operation and organization of Rotary, the more productive and effective our efforts become.
  • The better skilled our Rotary leaders are in working within a volunteer organization, the more efficient and effective our district and clubs become.
  • The more knowledgeable Rotarians are of Rotary programs and accomplishments, the greater our sense of achievement and pride in the work we do; and the better our ability to attract new members. 
Your District 7080 training committee is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and diverse array of training opportunities that enable Rotarians to gain the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to maximize their effectiveness and personal satisfaction as Rotarians. 
Additionally, the training committee also offers club visioning workshops which can help your club build consensus about the future of your club and allow you to plan for the longer term.  

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Your District 7080 Training Committee