The following links may be of interest...
  • HIP Honouring Indigenous People - bringing Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples together for community well-being and advancing the next generation of leaders
  • APTN - award winning television programming by, for and about  Indigenous Peoples to share with all Canadians
  • Indigenous Works - IW are committed to increasing Indigenous engagement in the Canadian economy
  • National Indigenous Economic Development Board - the NIEDB is committed to providing advice and guidance to the federal government on issues related to Indigenous economic opportunities that enable the Indigenous peoples of Canada to have a voice in government policy
  • Woodland Cultural Centre - WCC opens the doors to southern Ontario's First Nations past, present and future.  School and public programs offer interested visitors the opportunity to discover Native Ontario.
  • Peel Aboriginal Network - fosters cultural awareness and education, and provides services and support to the Indigenous community in the Region of Peel
  • Oneida Language and Cultural Centre - in 1840 the People of the Standing Stone moved from their ancestral homelands in New York state to their present location along the banks of the Thames River.  The Oneida language holds their cultural identity and the Iroquoian worldview.  The Centre is committed to passing the Oneida language on to future generations.
  • Dufferin County Cultural Resource Centre - an Indigenous-led community group whose mandate is to create a safe space for the restoration and revival of traditional Indigenous culture in the Dufferin County area